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Cell Phone Rental

Cell Phones - I am Vacationing Outside Cancun

"Please deliver my phone to a location that isn't Cancun or Isla Mujeres"

Before continuing, please review the options presented below to see if we are able to deliver a cell phone to you.


Unfortunately, airport regulations prevent us from being able to greet incoming passengers and do a transaction while on the airport premises. This leaves us with two options:

OPTION 1: If you are using Cancun Valet as your transfer service, we can send your phone with your driver. For the return, you can either give the phone to your Cancun Valet driver, or we can have a representative meet you at your airline check-in line.

OPTION 2: If you are renting a car at the Cancun Airport, we can meet you at your car rental desk. You will need to call us from airport when you land (there are many public phones) and we will be at the Rental Desk in 20-30 mins. At the end of your stay, a representative will meet you at your check-in line to get the phone back.


DELIVERY: Cancun Valet will assess an extra charge based on the distance our delivery person has to travel. (You will see that fee on the booking form when you choose your delivery location. This is for the one-way delivery trip only.)

RETURN: A representative will meet you at the airport check-in line for your flight.
** If you find yourself considering this "RESORT" option, think about this: Any cell phone delivery south of Puerto Morelos costs the same as booking a whole van with Cancun Valet. Why not just get the van in this case? **


USAGE: Our phones will call to anywhere in Mexico, the United States and Canada; if you wish to call other countries, please contact Cancun Valet for further information.

RATES: (All charges and rates are expressed in $US) All calls are charged at $0.69 cents of USD per minute, with a $5.00 per day minimum. In other words, if you have a phone for six calendar days and never use it , you are still liable for $30.00 upon its return, so you might as well make 42 minutes of calls -- you paid for them!

SERVICE CHARGE: To reserve, and to cover the cost of setting up, delivering and picking up the phone(s), there is a $10.00 fee per phone. This amount becomes non-refundable 48 hours before your requested start date.